Having fun with food while  Serving with purpose

One of the most valuable things in the DFW area is the diversity of cultures and traditions. Our goal is to be able to serve those communities well. 

Larson Wendfieller

With over 25 years in the industry, I started washing dishes when I was 12 years old.

My uncle owned an Italian restaurant, it was called Hill Country Pasta House in Lake Travis, Texas. There I learned to cook Italian food, I am still learning all the time.

I lived with a Mexican family from Aguas Calientes while I lived in Chicago.  This is where I began with my Mexican food experience. 

My mom’s friend said to his son, “if this white boy wants to eat my food he has to talk to me in Spanish.” Of course she said it in Spanish. So I probably learned some things from her about cooking Mexican food. 

My uncle from the other side of the family had started a famous  Mexican Restaurant chain in San Antonio as well. I also learned a lot while working in American sports restaurants as well as mis amigos y compadres while cooking what we call “family meal“ those  usually consisted of Mexican foods.

I mostly learned American food while working under my mentor Steve Sawyer, of course! He helped me learn all the cooking methods. I met him in Colorado when I was 19 years old. We traveled around the United States opening sports themed restaurants for ESPN and Fox!!

Just to be clear my take on these cultures are quite similar. Both are all about family and food. I learned a long time ago to always cook extra food because you never know who’s going to show up. Both Italian and Mexican families go far beyond the immediate family. Most friends are considered family in both cultures. I do my best to treat every customer as family and give them a decent amount of food. Yes, both cultures like to eat a lot together and also enjoy there vino y tequila!!!

What do I like about cooking the most? I enjoy every part of it, mostly tasting and the smells that are produced by cooking. Another one of my favorite things is seeing a customer bite into some of our food and smiling. I also like when young kids come to the truck and want to take a look around the truck.

The name of our trucks comes from my son Keylon. Chiave means key in Italian and that is what he goes by most.


Owner & Food Truck Operator